The Five Factors of Success

We give clients unprecedented opportunities to interact and connect with their audiences. 

Our approach is to deliver an extraordinary experience and lasting impression. To obtain clear differentiation and competitive advantage you need partners who are strategic, do their research, and have broad and deep tech industry knowledge. You need people who are creativecompetitive and aggressive. People with a passion delivering with precision execution, generating results, and following up with detailed analytics. 

With this in mind, we’ve outlined (and deliver to each and every client) what we call the Five Factors for Success. And that is the very essence of what we do. 

Talent, Experience & Expertise 

Your company, products and services, intellectual resources and executives are of value to someone, somewhere today. Otherwise you wouldn’t be in business. Our marketing services are designed to connect you with customer prospects and other key constituencies. We identify and articulate a compelling value proposition, and communicate your story to the right audiences in a way that is at once authoritative and memorable, and initiates action. This knowledge and talent permeates our organization. 

Winning Strategies

At CDC, we know that there is much more to marketing than writing collateral brochures; so much more to PR than pitching a press release; so much more to advertising than the ad. Whatever form the message takes, it has to be grounded in a great strategy. That kind of thinking is what makes us so effective. 


Distinctive Communications Programs

Creativity is good, but only when it elicits results that help clients reach business goals, positively impacts their bottom line, strengthens their brand and advances their mission. Our inventive programs span the creativity spectrum, incorporating the right amount of originality and distinctiveness necessary to capture the attention of prospective customers. 

As your capable partner, we recommend, develop and put into fast-action the right marketing programs—those that will have the greatest impact, meet your specific business objectives, and address your industry and market challenges. We work with you to put together an intelligent plan that is flexible enough to exploit market events and shifts; a plan that incorporates strategic platform building, public relations, web marketing, lead generation programs, events, financial/investor communications, and much more.

Outstanding Results

We drive business results for your company, and this consistently sets us apart from other firms and consultants. CDC becomes your partner, your right hand; we become singularly focused on your strategic marketing and communications needs. For some clients, we become the marketing or PR department; for others, we’re the essential strategists that build the perfect programs to address the specific issues that are important to you; and, for still others we’re the critical arms and legs employed to get the jobs done. 

We are knowledgeable, experienced, creative, driven, results-focused, versatile and highly competitive. These are qualities that enable you to meet competitors head-on, then surpass them rather than simply reacting to their market moves. From each platform we create, a story unfolds with relative ease, drawing the desired response from the marketplace. 

Our objective is to maximize the impact of your business in the marketplace. Our greatest pride is in delivering on our objectives. We get results and constantly measure our performance.