We get it.

The people of CONTOS DUNNE COMMUNICATIONS have worked for some of the biggest (and smallest) marketing and PR firms in the industry, as well as in the marketing departments of successful companies. And along the way we learned an important lesson:

Why are clients paying for high-profile PR campaigns, media coverage, social programs or high-impact creative?

For one reason only: results.

That’s a notion that a lot of agencies shy away from. Not us. We relish the challenge.

CONTOS DUNNE COMMUNICATIONS is a strategic marketing and public relations agency with a laser focus on objectives and results. We get what you’re trying to achieve. It drives everything we do.

Our core team is based in Silicon Valley, linked to a global network of seasoned, senior-level professionals across all communications channels and disciplines: business and marketing strategists, media and analyst specialists, noted journalists and marketing writers, creative designers and website developers, web optimization consultants, investor relations experts, lead generation pros, event organizers and guerilla marketers. Collectively we have helped hundreds of companies, from start-ups to established enterprises, win the battle for share of market and share of mind.

We approach each engagement with a sense of urgency and tenacity. We’re always on a mission and push ourselves to win.

We get you across the goal with smart strategies and compelling creativity powered by precision analytics. Because we work across all disciplines, we can tailor the right mix of talent and tactics to the task at hand. We define the measurement of success upfront, and it keeps us on course.

We’ve earned our share of awards and accolades, but nothing speaks so eloquently as the clients who left us for marquee agencies, only to return when they didn’t get the results or the commitment they were used to with us.

Why Us?