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Get an unfair share of attention

Sure, others will complain. But our clients get an unfair share of attention because we always deliver value – and occasionally brilliance – wherever possible.


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MEDIA PREDICTS: “What’s Hot, What’s Not in Technology”
- A Featured Video produced by DUNNE for PRSA


We do great work always—not just some or most of the time. Keep in mind: shoddy work won’t just impact your agency; it’ll hurt you and can irrevocably damage your company’s brand.

Take a look at what outstanding program and business results really look like 

Quality Work


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Security First

CONTOS DUNNE is the only firm that’s focused almost exclusively on security, privacy, risk & compliance. We have excellent relationships and a proven track record of adding value, delivering intelligent insights, and generating great results.


Browse and review samples of our work. We’re proud of each and every document, audio and video file posted there. And we’re also proud of each and every client (partner) engagement and the results we’ve achieved.


We offer a full range of strategic marketing and public relations (PR) services, from brand positioning and message development, to a full range of editorial content and programs, to creative services, social media programs, effective launches and promotions, and more.