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Get an unfair share of attention

Sure, others will complain. But our clients get an unfair share of attention because we always deliver value – and occasionally brilliance – wherever possible.


  • “Paula is hands-down the most skillful, creative and strategic Marketing and PR person with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. Those qualities, combined with enthusiasm, cutting-edge programs and campaigns and relentless motivation has resulted in the achievement of mind-boggling results—time and again.”

    - Communications Director


  • “You and the team have taken our story at a difficult time of year, and you’ve been very creative as well as diligent in developing interest/angle for many different audiences!”

    - Product Marketing Director


  • “Being such an early startup and getting the kind of visibility that we have is extremely rare. I give CONTOS DUNNE props all the time when people ask who gets us all of our great PR!”

    - CEO


  • “Paula is an extremely competent PR executive. She has worked with me over the last 8+ years and I’ve always been amazed at her insight into the PR process, strategic guidance and press credibility. She was instrumental in getting us coverage across a broad spectrum of media, including broadcast TV (CNN, CNBC, NBC) and tech blogs such as TechCrunch and GigaOm. I would highly recommend Paula to any company looking to increase their press and PR footprint.”

    - CEO


  • “Talk can be cheap when PR firms are trying to win your business, but CDC was continually laser-focused on generating outstanding results and exposure for Zscaler.”

    - CMO

    Zscaler Inc.

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MEDIA PREDICTS: “What’s Hot, What’s Not in Technology”
- A Featured Video produced by DUNNE for PRSA


We do great work always—not just some or most of the time. Keep in mind: shoddy work won’t just impact your agency; it’ll hurt you and can irrevocably damage your company’s brand.

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CONTOS DUNNE is the only firm that’s focused almost exclusively on security, privacy, risk & compliance. We have excellent relationships and a proven track record of adding value, delivering intelligent insights, and generating great results.


Browse and review samples of our work. We’re proud of each and every document, audio and video file posted there. And we’re also proud of each and every client (partner) engagement and the results we’ve achieved.


We offer a full range of strategic marketing and public relations (PR) services, from brand positioning and message development, to a full range of editorial content and programs, to creative services, social media programs, effective launches and promotions, and more.